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$8.80 per m2

Drought tolerance Very high
Shade tolerance Low
Wear tolerance Very high
Maintenance Very low

This fine textured, low maintenance premium turf grass is hardy & drought resistant, while still being very soft to the touch & low-allergenic, making this grass perfectly suited for full sun residential lawns and commercial areas, with minimal effort it will retain its colour & density while still holding up to the wear & tear of kids & dogs etc.

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Why Choose OZTUFF

  • Very low maintenance
  • High wear tolerance
  • High drought tolerance
  • High salt tolerance & resistance to animal urine burns
  • Less mowing than other green couch types
  • Low nutritional requirement, grows on poor quality soils
  • Low-allergenic
  • Fine leaf & dense carpet like appearance
  • Great in full sun, by the ocean, near pools

OZTUFF’s Durability

OZ TUFF was ranked #1 for wear tolerance in a 4 year HAL study (TU08018), collected data mirrored results seen in the field where it has been planted on sports fields receiving high usage, OZ TUFF also has a moderate thatch layer which provides greater wear resistance.

OZ TUFF has demonstrated it can handle salt water levels 50% of that of sea water, and it proved to have superior performance under conditions of server water stress and high wear when compared to other turf species (TU06006 & TU02005).

Maintenance Tips

  • Do not plant in shaded areas OZTUFF needs a good 6+ hours of sun a day minimum.
  • Water less often (fortnightly) once established but in larger volumes to encourage deep rooting and promote drought tolerance.
  • To avoid excess thatch build up mow with a catcher & avoid over fertilising, OZTUFF only needs fertilising once a year, sometimes less depending on how good your soil is.
  • Even though it doesnt need it, weekly mowing will help keep it even and flat and promote lateral growth

Compare turf at glance

TifTuf Sir Grange Sir Walter DNA Certified Empire Zoysia OZTUFF
Leaf blade Fine Leaf Fine Leaf Broad Leaf Medium Leaf Medium Leaf
Shade tolerance
Wear tolerance
Low maintenance
Drought tolerance
Heat tolerance
Weed resistance
Pest resistance
Low fertilisation
Overall performance
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