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Looking For Sir Walter Turf In Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich?

There are so many reasons why Sir Walter is Australia’s best buffalo grass. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere.

Australia’s Best Buffalo Grass

Born right here in Australia, Sir Walter was bred to be tough yet soft, and good looking to boot! Since 1997 there has been over 100 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo turf sold Australia wide – the equivalent to 750,000 homes.

It is versatile and hardy, many factors which cause most other lawns a problem are not a problem for Sir Walter.



Sir Walter DNA Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich

Make Sure It’s Genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified

Beware of imitators! Genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified is only available from accredited Lawn Solutions Australia Members and Resellers. Only Lawn Solutions Australia turf producers grow ‘Breeder Guaranteed’ Sir Walter DNA Certified.


A Proven Shade And Drought-Tolerant Grass

Why have a brown lawn during summer when a lush green, drought-tolerant lawn like Sir Walter Buffalo can make you the envy of your street?

Buffalo lawns are more shade tolerant than other varieties because of their broad leaves which photosynthesise well. Among the Buffalo varieties, Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass is among the very best performers in shady areas and can thrive with as little as three hours of sunlight per day.


Sir Walter’s roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering the moisture. A Sir Walter lawn can reduce the heat generated from the sun by up to 10 degrees!

A lot of different Buffalo turf grasses are available on the market, but none of these has been able to surpass Sir Walter in ticking all the right boxes.


Great For Kids And Pets

When you purchase Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass, you’re not just buying a new lawn, you’re buying a whole new way of life.

Gone will be the days of playing that game of backyard footy and ending up with a knee full of bindii, or diving for that superb catch only to finish with a mouthful of dirt.

Sir Walter is:

  • soft-leaved
  • low-allergenic
  • weed resistant
  • lush and green

It’s the perfect Aussie lawn.



Low Maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit that holds out most weeds and the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged lessening the incidence of bare patches.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass maintenance

You’ll also find that mowing now becomes less of a chore, as the finished result will amaze you every time.



The Only Buffalo Grass Backed By A National Warranty

With every Sir Walter Buffalo Grass purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter.

Your purchase of Sir Walter will also be covered by our nationwide 10 Year Product Warranty.


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Yes, Sir Walter turf grows through spreading stolons and rhizomes (creeping stems).

  1. Spray out existing lawn turf & weeds with Glyphosate (Round Up), follow the labelled rates to allow for a total kill. Allow a minimum of two days for the chemical to work on the plant. (Second application may be required)
  1. Either remove old lawn and weeds or cultivate this into the base soil. For best results cultivate, till or spade the area to a depth of approximately 150mm.This is also an ideal time to add soil amendments like Gypsum, Lime and extra organics.
  1. Test your soil with a pH test kit, to check if you need to add any additional products to balance your soils pH. (Somewhere between 6-7 is ideal for your new turf)
  1. If you have poor soil, cap this off with a good quality under turf soil to a depth of 50 to 200mm. Call 1800 ALLTURF to arrange a quotation for our TurfGro or TurfSand Products, and whether it be in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast we can deliver directly to your site! Allow for 30% compaction of your soil when ordering.
  1. Eliminate drainage problems by having soil slope away from foundations, footpaths, garden beds etc.
  2. Rake and smooth soil removing rocks, roots, and large clods.
  1. Roll the area with a lawn roller. This will firm the soil surface and reveal low areas that need more soil.
  1. Keep the grade 25mm below sidewalks and driveways for the new turf to sit into. (35-40mm for buffalo)
  1. Apply a starter fertiliser like Lawn Launcher which contains fast and slow-release fertiliser and water crystals. Rake this into the surface for your new quality turf.
  1. Screen off the soil to provide a smooth surface, roll then screen again. Your soil needs to be compacted enough that when you walk on to it you only leave a small footprint.
  1. Lightly wet the soil to minimise dust & provide a moist base for your new turf, but not too wet that it turns to mud.

Yes, Sir Walter is our best shade tolerant turf. However, Sir Walter still needs some sunlight to thrive. 

For best growing results, Sir Walter needs 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day. If your property is located in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, your Sir Walter turf should receive plenty of sunlight, as the weather tends to be sunny in south-east Queensland.

Yes, all turf varieties can be established in winter. However, the establishment period is slightly longer due to the cooler weather and the plant going into dormancy.

Sir Walter is considered one of the best turfs as it’s self-repairing, grows quickly and can handle a bit of wear and tear. The ammonia in a dog’s urine can cause urine burning but unfortunately all turf varieties can suffer from this.

The Sir Walter DNA Certified turf you buy has this guarantee – it’s the real deal. Sir Walter from anyone without this, is not DNA Certified against the original and cannot provide a breeder guarantee. 

It also doesn’t come with a 10-year turf product warranty like you get with Sir Walter DNA Certified.

Contact the team at All Turf for more information about our Sir Walter range and what turf would suit your Brisbane property best!


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