Delivery charges are calculated based on your postcode location and are fixed flat fees so therefore are irrelevant of your order quantity, our standard service areas across South East Queensland include; Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Tweed & Sunshine Coast, however we do still deliver to areas outside of these locations, all deliveries to non-standard areas are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your postcode does not return a delivery charge at the checkout page it will display “TBA” (to be advised) and we will contact you directly within 1 business day to advise on the delivery charge & availability, if you would like an accurate quote straight away please don’t hesitate to call us on 0755438304

All products and services such as turf, turf products, delivery and laying charges listed on this website are GST inclusive.

Delivery Types

Upon checkout you can select 3 options for your turf delivery;

  1. Farm pickup

    Select this option if you would like to come out to the All Turf Solutions farm at 2125 Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road, Tamborine to collect your turf.

    All of our turf is cut fresh to order so after placing the order you must wait for a confirmation email, phone call or text message to advise you on a suitable time for collection or alternatively you can contact the team on 0755438304 immediately to arrange a time.

    Please also take into account vehicle suitability & weight of the turf, 50m2 of turf can weigh as much as 1000kg (1 tonne), as a general rule for trailers and 1 tonne rated ute trays we recommend no more than 40m2, this allows for a margin of safety if the turf happens to be wet & heavier or if your vehicle is already partially loaded.

    The size of the turf pallet must also be taken into account, a standard pallet of ‘slab cut’ turf has a square width of 1.25m, ‘roll cut’ turf is a bit wider again at 1.35m wide, if you are unsure of your vehicle suitability please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members on 0755438304 today.

    Upon your arrival at the farm please check-in at the office, if your vehicle is suitable we will offer to unload the turf straight onto your tray/trailer deck using a specially designed ‘lift off pallet’ and forklift, our team is experienced in this operation however some risks still exist, please follow all instructions given by the All Turf operator, for your own safety you must keep at least 10m away from the forklift whilst it is in operation. Whilst all care is taken by the operator not to cause any damage to your vehicle/trailer sometimes this is unavoidable, this process will be explained to you and it is entirely at your own risk if you choose the ‘lift off pallet’ loading process, alternatively you are welcome to hand load the turf yourself directly from the pallet to your vehicle.

    It is 100% your responsibility to ensure your turf is tied down securely & is legal and compliant to Queensland road rules – see below extract from QLD Department of Transport & Main Roads;

    If you are driving a vehicle that is carrying a load, or towing a trailer that is carrying a load, you have to make sure that the load is restrained properly. Load restraint is not just about making sure that the load does not come off —it is also about making sure that the load does not shift in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe.

    Under the Queensland load restraint requirements, any load carried on or in your vehicle or trailer must:

    • not be placed in a way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe

    • be secured so it won’t move in any way that makes your vehicle unstable or unsafe

    • be secured so it does not fall from your vehicle while driving—including driving consisting of emergency braking or turning suddenly

    • not project from your vehicle in a way that is likely to injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or pedestrians, or damage another vehicle or anything else

    • be restrained using an appropriate load restraint method.

  2. Supply only (delivered to you)

    Select this option if you would like All Turf Solutions to deliver your turf right to your site.

    As soon as the turf is delivered to the address/location specified by the customer it then becomes the customer’s responsibility to ensure the turf is installed correctly & in a timely manner (especially in spring/summer or when the ambient temperature is high), and that it receives the right amount of watering & aftercare. No responsibility will be taken by All Turf Solutions for any turf loss that is found to have occurred due to incorrect installation & establishment methods.

    We have provided all the information necessary to successfully establish & maintain your new lawn under the “HOW TO” tab on our website.

    General Delivery Information
    Most of our turf is transported on covered taught liner trucks to maintain freshness, the truck itself is a semi-trailer and is approximately 15m long so it may not be able to access your street or house directly.

    The truck comes with a self-unloading all terrain forklift which can transport each pallet from the truck to the prepared area, whilst the forklifts are quite agile & manoeuvrable they are limited by narrow access, steep slopes, slippery conditions, retaining walls etc. the operator will make a site assessment on the day and will place the turf as close as safely practicable to the prepared area.

    The forklift operator will not intentionally damage your property, therefore it may be too high of a risk or not possible to drop some of the pallets exactly where they are needed, please note that if the operator does not wish to attempt dropping a pallet in a certain location but the customer insists, then any damage that may occur becomes the responsibility of the customer.                                                                                                                              

  3. Supply & lay  (delivered and laid on your prepared surface)

    Refer to “general delivery information” above

    Please note: we cannot give online quotes for preparation work, commercial or sports work as there are too many variables to consider with what your site may need, however please contact one of our friendly consultants on 0755438304 to arrange a free quote.

    If you select this option one of the team at All Turf will contact you to ask some more questions relating to your site such as; access limitations, soil condition, topography & layout of site, noise restrictions, etc. at this time we will also arrange a sutiable time for the laying crew to come and install the turf.

    Installation orders less than 170m² will attract a minimum charge of $275, orders greater than 170m² will vary in rates depending on the quantity.

    Please be advised that sometimes the turf will be delivered and the laying crew may not arrive until later in the day.

    There is no payment required to the laying crew, this is all managed through All Turf Solutions.

    The laying crew are there for a very specific job, and the process is as follows

  • Laying crew arrives on site

  • Crew supervisor discusses with the customer how they plan on installing the turf, this may require the use of wheelbarrows or other methods of transporting the turf from the pallet to the ground, sometimes they also need to carry turf through garages & patio areas.

  • Turf is laid & cut in around garden edges, footpaths, driveways etc.

  • Turf is rolled in with a steel or plastic turf roller to ensure roots have good contact with soil

  • Laying crew packs up and departs site

  • Laying crews will NOT do any preparation work or watering in of the turf, this is not included in the laying fee.

Please be advised that if the lay crew supervisor believes that the preparation work is unsuitable for installing turf he/she may choose not to go ahead with installation as this can result in poor quality finish, turf death & costly re-works, this will of course be discussed with All Turf Solutions management and the customer.