Empire Zoysia

$13.50 /m2

Empire Zoysia has a beautiful dark green moderate width leaf that looks quite unique (between Buffalo and Couch), it’s a great low maintenance solution, it thrives in extreme heat and humidity, perfect for the Queensland summer.

Want to come and see for yourself? Empire Zoysia is on display at Tamborine & Pacific Pines.




Empire Zoysia Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich

Empire Zoysia performs fairly well in the shade and keeps a beautiful dark green colour year-round in Queensland, it can generally outcompete weeds once established & is less susceptible to common lawn pests like lawn grubs.

Empire Zoysia has a great drought tolerance meaning less water is needed to keep its colour, and its slow growth means less mowing, making it an excellent choice for small gardens & low maintenance situations.

What Makes Empire Turf the Brisbane Favourite?

  • Very low maintenance
  • Great dark green colour
  • Natural resistance to common lawn pests
  • Winter dormancy
  • Slow growing, less mowing
  • Moderate shade tolerance (minimum 4 hours of sun needed)
  • Low-allergenic

Maintenance Tips for Empire Zoysia

Being a tropical grass, Empire goes into dormancy throughout winter in South East QLD so be sure not to cut it too short coming into winter, don’t fertilise it whilst its dormant, and just water it if required (if it starts to look dry) otherwise just leave it be & let it do its thing.

In the start of spring (early mid-September) Empire throws a lot of purple seed head, simply mow this off with the catcher on, this is the plant coming out of dormancy & back into its growing season again.

If your lawn is going to get a lot of wear from kids, dogs, bikes etc. and is likely to get worn out or damaged then Empire may not be for you, it’s slow regrowth & recovery can lead to bare patches that may never recover.