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Fungal Disease

6 September 2018

This page will help you to identify various types of disease & fungal and provide some advice on how to easily manage them yourself.

There are many fungal diseases that affect turf such as ‘brown patch’ & ‘leaf spot’, periods of high humidity and excess rainfall increases the chance of infection. Use this identification chart to check if you have any fungal diseases.

Tips to help avoid or treat fungal diseases

  • Avoid fertilising with high nitrogen fertilisers during these events
  • Detaching is a good way to prevent fungal diseases, where there is an excess of thatch, the turf tends to produce roots in the organic layer, the condition of which can fluctuate from saturation to drought, once the thatch is wet, it remains damp for long periods, this favours for the growth of fungi.
  • Ensure sure you are following correct ongoing watering techniques, sometimes regular light waterings can actually be harmful and may create a constantly moist & humid environment which fungi can thrive in, stick to the golden rule of less frequent but heavy watering to encourage a healthy root depth.

Fungicides can be applied if required, as with all fungicides and poison products ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, check out the products available at Lawn Solutions Australia.

As always, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for free expert advice on 1800ALLTURF or 07 5543 8304.


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