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Turf is the smartest investment you can make for your home, there are many benefits other than just adding value to your property; it creates a beautiful, soft & safe place to play with the kids or pets, it has a natural cooling effect & benefits the environment by converting carbon-di-oxide to oxygen even more efficiently than trees, check out this video to learn more.

Prepare, Supply and Install

The full package! You can arrange an obligation free onsite quote and our Lawn Specialists will meet with you to discuss your best options & help you select the ‘right’ turf solution for your home.

There are many different preparation options available; new soil can be imported or we can recycle your existing grass & soil by mixing it in with fertilisers and soil amendments, thus reducing waste & saving you time and money as well, this will all be discussed with you upon your onsite quote.

They offer a full renovation & preparation service for existing & new builds as well as ongoing maintenance programs such as; cylinder mowing, aerating, scarifying, de-thatching, topdressing, fertilising, herbicide & pesticide management.


Supply Only (DIY)

Our turf is delivered in tautliner trucks, this ensures your new lawn does not dry out in transit.

We deliver turf to your site with an all-terrain forklift, your turf will arrive on a unique ‘pallet-less’ system so that no pallets are left on site for you to deal with, our experienced operators will get as close as safely possible to your job to minimize the distance you have to carry it, slabs of earth & grass can be quite heavy.

For advice on how to prepare & lay your own lawn please read our DIY page – https://www.allturfsolutions.com.au/diy-turf-installation-tips/

Supply and Lay

The ground is prepared by the customer, we then supply & install the turf with a contractor crew (includes cutting turf to fit and rolling).

This is quite an affordable service however, these jobs are usually quoted without a site inspection and additional charges may be incurred due to difficult access (wheelbarrowing, steep hills & retaining walls) tidying up prep area etc.

If you wish, we can spread starter fertiliser, however, we leave the relaxing part of watering it in to the customer so you can take some time to really get to know your new lawn.

Installation Rates:

0-160m² = $365 flat fee

160-500m² = $2.00/m²

501-1000m² = $1.65/m²

1001m² + = $1.32/m²

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