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Erosion & Sediment Control

17 September 2018

Turfgrass is the ultimate natural erosion & sediment control measure for your project.

After a rain event or flood when silt fences, rock checks, coir logs etc. all need to be repaired or replaced, your turfed drains are not likely to need any attention, it will regrow through the silt using it as a new topsoil base, perfect for construction sites that only need the drains in place during construction.

Turf naturally filters & captures environmental pollutants from site run-off & prevents them from entering waterways such as hydrocarbons, disturbed soil, cement, chemicals, steel oxide etc, keeping the EPA & local council inspectors happy.

Laying turf around your site also has a natural temperature cooling effect, by absorbing the suns radiation instead of reflecting it like a bare dirt surface or concrete would, turfed areas are on average 10°C cooler, plus with the added benefit of converting CO² to Oxygen more efficiently than trees, your workers, clients, end-users & the planet will thank you for it.

Erosion & Sediment Control Demonstration

To see how well turf performed against to other industry recognised erosion & sediment control measures check out the Bioscience Australia website. Downloadable PDF of preliminary findings from Bioscience Australia.

All Turf Solutions supply many turf varieties suitable for erosion control however our top performer in this category by all accounts is OzTuff.


OzTuff is the perfect erosion control solution for construction sites, roadsides, open-cut drains, sports fields, coastal areas, parks & commercial areas etc. due to the following characteristics;

  • Extremely high wear tolerance, its deep root structure will hold the drain or batter in place under heavy rain events or floods
  • As a natural product alone with no added synthetic fibre, Oztuff has a dense matrix of stolons and rhizomes making it extremely tough and sheer resistant.
  • Very low mowing frequency can be left for months without needing any attention, and generally does not exceed 150mm in height, ideal for steep slopes & hard to access areas
  • Very high drought tolerance, even if left to dry out & turn brown in the hot summer its deep root structure keeps it strong, alive and ready to recover at the first sign of a decent rainfall
  • Salt resistant will grow right on the coastline as well as anywhere else in Australia
  • Can handle poor water quality such as non-potable recycled water, which are commonly used on construction projects & parks
  • Resistant to most selective herbicides enabling easy weed management

All these low maintenance properties are achieved while still being able to present a beautiful show quality fine leafed and soft textured couch, OZTUFF’s versatility is unmatched, for more information click here


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